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Sent: June 4, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
I had a great long weekend/mini vacation earlier this week. It’s always fun to travel anywhere to see a friend and visit a new place. I was able to talk my non-stitching friend into taking me to a needlepoint shop in St Petersburg (Florida, not Russia!).
Even though I have my own shop, I love to visit other needlework shops in different places. When I walked in and saw EVERY color of the Vineyard Silks that I’m using for the first time in my Rainbow Mystery, my heart started pounding and I wished I could stay longer! Luckily, I’d brought my project along and was able to pick out a couple more colors to make my palette just pop! My friend came in after browsing at a shop next door and her comments to me were, “this looks like your store” and “you really love this, don’t you?” - she knows me well and could tell I was experiencing the thrill of new threads and being in a needlework shop! 
She took a photo of me and Eddie (the owner of Silk Road Needle Arts) but I think I accidentally erased it from my emails because I can’t find it. If it shows up, I’ll post it! I introduced myself to him and he said, "oh, we have lots of Kathy Rees's in the back!" It was fun to see my charts there and to meet him.
June has zoomed in! It feels as though it's officially time to start the Holiday Stitching. The July/August issue of Just Cross Stitch came in earlier this week. This issue is a preview of the Ornament Issue which will be released in September - it includes 12 holiday ornaments from top designers as well as their regular magazine contents. There is a great article on designer Linda Stoltz of Erica Michaels - I read it while I ate lunch yesterday! Let us know if you want one put aside or sent to you - I've already got more on the way because this is always a popular issue. It's also my signal to now start taking signups for the Ornament Issue - let us know if you'd like to be on that list! It's very helpful to us to know you want it so we know how many to pre-order.
There are a few new things—click NewInTheShop. This has been a slow week for new stuff arriving but there are several things listed on the “Coming Soon” page of the website - you can order through the website to reserve (don’t send money now!) or just email and let me know what you’d like.
I received notice from Lizzie Kate about the auto coming in a couple of weeks. They’re so EXCITED about the new stuff!  There are 2 new kits and I’ve posted photos on the website so you can have a sneak preview! We also have the thread list and the fabric size so will be able to have it all ready to go when the charts arrive in a few weeks - click ComingSoon to see the photos of what's coming!
Here’s the “news” straight from their email to me - 
1. ABC Halloween Kit ($32) Our ABC series continues with this creepy knockout kit. The shape is different -vertical instead of horizontal - and the colors are appropriately spooky!  We think your customers will "freak" over this haunted design. Get it now and there's plenty of time to stitch!
2. Summer Fab Fob Limited Edition Kit ($20) This is the much-requested companion to our sold-out Spring Fab Fob. Kit includes custom 2-tone scissors in patriotic red and blue, light blue fabric, mother-of-pearl star embellishment, white petite beads and pattern.  ***Limited Edition of 1000 sold out quickly for the Spring Fab Fob, so order now!***
NEW JUNE RELEASES (from Lizzie Kate)
1. CHRISTMAS RULES Double Flip series!  This series just makes us smile with the fun, holiday colors and cheerful motifs. We think your customers will love the designs separately, as well as combined in one giant holiday greeting. Our FREE border is BIG and really rocks with a festive snowman, tall tree and block-y Christmas Rules lettering. This border can motivate customers to complete the whole series...and we all love that!  Our website will have the FREE downloadable border, thread list and complete instructions for combining the 12 designs. We'll also be happy to mail you this info for you to reproduce and distribute.  We're also printing a fun Christmas Rules shopping list (similar to previous Flip-it bookmarks) for you to give away! 

Presentation counts - and we think the graphic design (the background stuff - not the stitchery) on this series is the cutest ever!  I hope your customers like the funky stripes, dots and background motifs as much as we do. Your displays are gonna look great! 
2. #144 Eek Boo Hiss - 3 little Halloween designs that will make your spooky self happy!  Great Halloween colors and motifs combine in versatile square designs to finish however you choose. Get scary!
3. S92 Cleaning the House Snippet - previewed at Nashville - a quick little sentiment we can all relate to!
4. B32 All We Need is Love... and Chocolate Giggle Boxer - the name says it all! This design completes this group of Giggle Boxers with a yummy laugh.
Lizzie Kate is offering me a special on Patriotic/4th of July patterns and I will share the savings with you. Through the month of June, all Patriotic/4th of July patterns are 25% off from this special catalog of choices at http://www.lizziekate.com/july4.html. Let me know what you would like ASAP and you can stitch up something quick for the Summer or 4th of July! 
That's it for this week - until Tuesday, Happy Stitching!

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