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Friday Update

Sent: June 11, 2010

Hi Stitchers!


Happy Friday! I’m leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning to attend the TNNA Needlework Tradeshow in Columbus, Ohio. I haven’t attended this show for a couple of years. Unfortunately there aren’t as many exhibitors going to this show for cross stitch anymore. However, there will be plenty to look at and I’m sure to find some great surprises to bring into the shop for all of you.


 I’m excited about going and seeing all the needlepoint and some of the exhibitors who don’t attend the smaller shows where there is mostly counted thread. I’m most anxious to see the thread companies that are geared more towards needlepoint since I’m using a variety of threads in my own designs. I’m sure you can imagine the nirvana I will be feeling as I see EVERY SINGLE COLOR IN EVERY SINGLE LINE OF THREAD from Caron Collection, Threadworx, Rainbow Gallery, Vineyard Silks, and more. You can probably guess where I’ll be spending a lot of my time!


My mom is coming to Columbus and attending the show with me – it’ll be like old times when we went to the Convention Center tradeshows!


We received a lot of new patterns in the shop this week. Be sure to check out the new designer, Lila’s Studio. She has some nice patterns and I purchased quite a few. Click  

WhatsNew to see what came in this week.


I updated the Framing Gallery – Tonia has certainly been busy the last few weeks! FramingGallery


Here's a sneak peek of my next design - it's called Lavender Fields and is part of the Destinations Series. The pattern will be released June 15th and kits will be ready as soon as the threads arrive. It's stitched with #5 Perles from Threadworx, two Overdyed metallics from Threadworx, and an accent of floss. It was really fun to stitch! If you'd like to pre-order a kit, the price is $69.95 and includes the pattern, canvas, and threads. I'll be checking email while I'm gone if you want to order over the weekend.



I’m off to pack – lightly since I’m not checking luggage. Clothes aren’t the issue – it’s what projects to take that raises the most questions! I’m sure you can relate!


Keep the needles flying!


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