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Sent: July 2, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
My office is crowded with boxes (yes, not just piles, but BOXES) of new items to scan and put on the website - I'm hoping we'll have a chance tomorrow to get it done. I'll send an email when the website is updated. I did manage to update my Needle Delights Originals page - three designs released this week. NeedleDelightsOriginals 
Also, the Rainbow Mystery patterns/kits are now available. Signup is $175 or $110 if you've already purchased Color Delights - Rainbow.
In the meantime, I know Tuesday Tidbits have been sporadic in being sent but if you don't get one every week, do not be alarmed! Sometimes I just have too much happening (usually) and/or I don't have a great topic! This week I did want to share with you an experience I had last week. I taught a small group of Girl Scouts how to cross stitch after the shop closed one night (this opportunity is available to everyone - just ask me).
My great joy happened at the end of the class. I was telling the girls to put their things away because class was over. One of the girls asked, "Can I just finish this row?" I had a "Hallelujah" moment - such joy in my heart - I do believe I've had a hand in creating a stitcher. Of course I did let her finish the row - after all, I know the burning feeling of "just one more stitch". Passing my love of stitching on to a young person - it was a highlight in my week. Of course, the girl who told me "the needle is not my friend" was fun too. She said she was going to give her kit to her sister. It was said in a bantering voice and my guess is she'll turn into a full fledged stitcher someday in the future - she caught right on and did a great job.
I really enjoy teaching people of all ages to stitch - in fact, a few weeks ago, I taught a 94 year old lady to cross stitch. Believe it or not, she had never done it before. She caught right on and is stitching away now, just proving it's never too late to learn something new.
I leave you with the challenge of teaching someone to stitch or re-introducing someone to stitching - it's a joyful thing to share.
I'm off to dinner with friends and then home to take a few stabs at the fabric!

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