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Friday Update

Sent: August 13, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
It's the magic hour of 5pm Friday and time for me to type fast and get out the door. I've updated the website "What's New" in the E-Store for this week - click
NewThisWeek . There's a lot more new in the Merchant Mall - I'll be ordering next week...
I created a new page on the website of photos taken of the Open House displays and some shop displays. I haven't had time yet to put any words/descriptions/captions on the photo but feel free to browse the page...I'll get the comments written in (and probably a few more photos too) tonight or tomorrow. I know some of us don't always read all the words so go ahead and look at the photos! Click OpenHouse (the first picture isn't me - it's one of the early arrivals!)
I thank all of you who attended this year's Open House and made it a smashing success. We still have all four trunk shows in the shop and they start being shipped back August 24th. Be sure to come in and take advantage of this great opportunity to see the designers' stitched models. There's really nothing like seeing them in person! Texture, light, shine, and color just cannot be truly experienced through a picture or your computer screen!
Don't forget the Stitch-In on Sept 11th. Signups are in progress and we have decided to do a "Tailgate Party". It seems the season since football is right around the corner. I'll supply sandwiches and everyone else will bring something to share to go along. It sounded like fun when we discussed it at the Stitch-A-Long this morning!
Hope you're staying cool and using a needle! Make many x's!


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