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Sent: September 2, 2010

Hi Stitchers -


I missed Tuesday Tidbits this week but think this email will make up for it!


The much anticipated Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine has arrived in the shop. If you asked us to hold one, we have it set aside for you. If you didn't reserve one but want it, just reply to this email. We're happy to send it out to you if necessary.


I took one home last night and browsed - it's laid out in a similar style to last year. The sections are Christmas song titles which I thought was very clever. There are some yummy looking recipes and fun Christmas stories.


Tonia and I were most delighted to see the "funny faced" candy cane reindeer ornament from Serendipity designs and now know where the larger original pattern came from - Tonia framed it earlier this year (or maybe last!) and we received many requests for it. If you were one of the people who wanted it, we can now confirm the pattern is out of print but you'd love this ornament and would be able to contact the designer who is considering reprinting it!


Here's the cover:

Featured Design


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