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Friday Update

Sent: September 17, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
I'm busy getting ready for market - will be packing all my models and inventory up tomorrow! I don't leave until Thursday so email me if you have any requests. I wanted to do a pre-market report but I like to get a little bit of sleep so I've deleted it from my long TO DO list! I promise to do my best to be a good shopowner and purchase everything I think you may want. If you do see something somewhere, please don't hesitate to email me with your requests - it's not a nuisance, bugging me, being a pain in the butt, hassling, abusing, or any of the other things you might think. It's actually very helpful as it helps guide me through the market with my limited time!

In the meantime, we have some new arrivals in the shop - see them at
NewInTheShop. If you come into the shop, we have all the colorways pulled for Tuscan Midnight that are shown on the website and you can purchase the pattern now too...just for the walk in customers!
I've also posted photos of the pieces I will release at the show next weekend. The "Rainbow Mystery" pattern is being released under the name "Amazing Color". If you are stitching the piece and want it to remain a mystery, don't click HERE!!  Otherwise, click and go to Coming Soon.
Under Coming Soon, I've also put a photo of the latest release from Lavender & Lace. It's a male angel named Michael - info is at the link above.
That's all I can manage to tell you today. I'm looking forward this weekend to resting up for the show next weekend.

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