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Friday Update

Sent: October 1, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
I bet after yesterday's email you didn't think there'd be an Update today. Surprise...I actually do have more new things to scan and put up but I couldn't bring myself to do it today! We did new patterns from Drawn Thread and I forgot to put Rosewood Manor's gorgeous Spring Quaker up on the Market Update - I'll add it next week. We're already sold out anyway but I have more coming.
Here's the NewFromMarket! Let us know if you want anything set aside or sent to you! I wanted to also mention I bought thousands, yes, thousands of dollars worth of overdyed linens - 30, 35, 36, and 40 counts in lots of fabulous neutral colors. If you have been wanting some, bring your patterns in now - you'll never have a better selection of choices than there are right now. In my opinion, this is one of the best things about the Cash & Carry market - getting to see hundreds of thousands of dollars of fabrics all in one place - I wish I could bring it all home! Oh how it makes me want to stitch....and I haven't even taken the time to peruse everything to see what my Top Ten Market Favorites are. I'm getting an inkling of what next Tuesday's Tidbits email might be....
After a couple of fun hours stitching on my Anniversaries last night and a great night's sleep, I'm feeling much more energetic! I'm still going to NOT WORK this weekend though (my "weekend" is Sunday & Monday)! I'll be very ready to come to the shop on Tuesday and hope to have several packages to open - the biggest being the HUGE order of Watercolour threads for Tuscan Midnight. For those of you who pre-ordered and expected to have it by now, it should be in the mail next week. We're also expecting new Christmas stuff from Just Nan and there are a lot of new titles on the Hoffman Update today which I will order early next week. You can also reserve any of those.
Tonia will be in the shop tomorrow - she's not usually here on Saturday but Cece is having a garage sale so Tonia will fill her shoes tomorrow. I could not possibly handle the first Saturday after market alone in the shop! And there's the silk gauze class at 10am...
Check what's new and then get back to stitching!

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