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Friday Update

Sent: October 22, 2010

Hi Stitchers!


Happy Friday - welcome to all the people who've found us through the Online Show which is happening NOW. Read yesterday's email all about the Show HERE. Don't forget the deadline for ordering is on Monday. I haven't had a chance yet to really look at the show - I took a quick look and only got half way through. I've already received a lot of orders from you though so know I'll be busy on Monday placing orders!


Here's the link to this week's new arrivals NewThisWeek. You can also check out the new in the Merchant Mall - I'll be ordering on Monday so let me know if you want to be sure I get something you want. The next Anniversary of the Heart pattern is out from Blackbird as well as a number of other great stuff.


I'm going to look at the offerings at the Online Show - hope to see lots of you in the shop tomorrow -



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