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Friday Update (Part 2)

Sent: December 4, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
I've been adding photos to the Framing Gallery all day! There are a lot of wonderful things to see - ClickHere!
Holiday Hours - we will be closed from Friday, Dec 24th through Wednesday, Dec 29th so we can celebrate the holiday with our families. We'll be open Thursday & Friday, Dec 30-31 but will close early on Friday at 2pm to do the Inventory Count. I'd much rather count stitches than inventory so please come help us reduce our inventory! If you're interested in helping us count threads or patterns Friday afternoon, please let me know. By then, we usually have most everything else done. In case you're not familiar with our year-end at Needle Delights, we finish up the inventory and then have pizza! It's always a fun time. Overheard one year during inventory, "I just love touching all the threads"!
We've set the date for next year's Fall Retreat Needle Fair.  October 21-23, 2011. Registrations for former attendees will begin in January and will open up to everyone else February 1st.
Here's a photo I received from a customer who did Rainforest Crunch in "Springy" colors - it looks completely different from the original but I think it turned out great!
It's time for the Stitch-In so I have to stop now - I hear people coming in...hope to get a lot done tonight!

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