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Friday Update/LK Sale

Sent: December 10, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
15 days until Christmas! The days are whizzing by! We're selling lots of gift certificates and I hope you might be fortunate to find one in your stocking or under the tree! Be sure to let your loved ones know they can call us and we'll mail them. These are some of my favorite transactions as I feel like Santa's Elf!
I received an email from Lizzie Kate and they have a special "December Only" kit - they put it together over Thanksgiving and will sell it to shops only this month. The price is $10 and you can pre-order it from me now (just send me an email). I'll be ordering them on Tuesday so let me know right away if you want one. If you're out of town, we'll offer free shipping on this special little Jingle kit! Contents include pattern, fabric, 4 hand-dyed red buttons (for optional finishing), white snowflake button, red beads and a tiny gold jingle bell. Don't miss out - we can only order these in DECEMBER!!
Other news from Lizzie Kate included the following about the releases in January - seems like a long way away but it's just around the corner. Feel free to also reserve any of these and let us know if you want to sign up for the Halloween Rules Double Flip Series - I can't wait to see this as it sounds like fun!
Here are the January Releases:

1) Forgive Quickly/Kiss Slowly Snippet - perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime! This design uses only one thread color - we chose Cupid from Crescent Colours, but you can stitch it in any color you choose!

2) Spring Alphabet chartpak - haven't named this one for sure yet, but you will recognize it when you see it. Linda had a blast designing and stitching this one with lovely spring colors. Every alpha letter has a different font and decorative borders, with little spring motifs sandwiched in between. This embellished chartpak includes a dragonfly charm and tiny purple buttons. This is the first part of a seasonal series.

3) 100 Years chartpak - this is one of our favorite sayings and we're finally getting it graphed!  Before L*K was born, Linda was in the calligraphy biz, and this saying was her top seller over the years. We know why - it's perfect for lots of people and occasions!

4) ABC's of Parenting - another ABC series with muted kid-friendly colors and blackboard colored lettering. This is the model we showed at Nashville, then lost before it got home. It's finally restitched, framed and ready to go!

5) NEW DOUBLE FLIP SERIES!!! Drum roll... it's called Halloween Rules! Yes, it's Halloween in January - which is a little strange, but it's the perfect time to begin a fall series. The Halloween Rules are similar to the Christmas Rules (12 individual designs packaged in 6 Double Flips), but have their own spooky look and fabulous Halloween color palette! The FREE border is a scary knockout with gravestones spelling out the word "rules" and spooky tree, pumpkin and harvest moon. Linda is still stitching on the model, but Alan is already busy assembling thousands of button packs, which will include tiny yellow buttons and a hand-dyed burnt orange button.
We didn't get any new patterns in this week so I'm offering you a special on Lizzie Kate kits - I'm making room for new merchandise coming in the New Year and reducing what we'll have to count in a few weeks.  Here are the sale items - call or email us right away to take advantage of the sale - once we run out, the sale is over!
Giggle Boxer Kits include pattern, linen, and embellishments:
Breakfast in Bed Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Touch the Dust Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Well Behaved Women Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Love and Chocolate... Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Did you ever stop... Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
We're not gossiping... Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Total waste of makeup... Reg $16 20% off now $12.80
Buy two or more of the above Giggle Boxer Kits and take an additional 10% off, making them 11.20 each!
Other Kits on Sale:
Special Edition Christmas - Reg $28.95 Now $20 
Complete Kit includes pattern, linen, and overdyed floss.
Seasonal Boxer Kits  Reg $12 now $10 ea
Pie & Ice Cream Boxer Jr kits (Pattern, linen, buttons) - Both kits reg $24 now $16 (We only have one of each!)
Be Jolly Be Merry Ornaments kit includes patterns and linen for both designs - make them into "blocks" or they'd also be darling hanging on the tree or tied to a package. Reg $12 Now $8 (We only have one kit left)
Jolly Holiday - kit includes pattern, linen, and buttons. Reg $12 Now $9
And, don't forget the "Rules for Christmas" - I hope you are following them all this holiday season! If you want to stitch them as a reminder for yourself and your loved ones, we have all the patterns in stock and you can download the border and top section from Lizzie Kate's website (or email me to request the file!)
We've been getting questions about whether we'll have another Stitch-A-Long next year and the answer is YES! We'll be hosting a Stitch-In weekly on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30 to assist you in getting your projects done! We'll also be having a UFO Challenge along with the Stitch-A-Long; more details to come next week! Stay tuned and in the meantime, start digging out those unfinished projects, put "Stitching" on your Thursday calendars, and start thinking about your monthly Stitch-A-Long project! We've already had some stitchers "declare" theirs!
Have a great weekend!

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