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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: January 18, 2011

Hi Stitchers!


I'm back in the shop again after a fun filled week at the Callaway Gardens School of Needlearts. Although the weather was a little tricky, I managed to beat it there and come home after the worst of it. I think my car is still in shock from being covered with a thick layer of ice for several days. I have to say I'm glad to live in Florida, the only state to not have snow on the ground last week. Of course, that doesn't mean it's warm at the moment, just no snow! Usually as I drive south to come home (from anywhere, anytime), it gets warmer & warmer. When I arrived home this time though, IT's STILL COLD!


I have finally finished writing about all my UFOs and here's the link to the completed Article - I'm sure some of you probably thought the article itself might turn into a UFO! I'm also happy to report I finished stitching one of the pieces shown (#20) last night - no picture yet of the finished piece but trust me, it's D.O.N.E. - one down, 23 to go (on the list anyway!). Click  UFOs 


I also wrote an article about passing on the love of stitching - I hope you enjoy it just one tiny bit as much as I enjoyed the experience I wrote about. Stitching-PassItOn


Join us Thursday mornings to stitch from 9:30 to noon - it's the best time to work on UFOs or just enjoy some laughs with other stitchers. Here are some photos from two weeks ago:


Kay L.'s UFO - it's a really long piece and I thought she was close to the bottom but there's actually a lot of fabric still rolled around those bars! The design is a Butternut Road celtic something or other.


This is another of Kay's pieces (from Mirabilia) - she's got quite a bit done and wonders why she never finished (sound familiar??)


The people in all the photos below look really happy because they are holding their finished SAL pieces from 2010 - I'm so proud!

Anna-Frances completed her Jeannette Douglas "Stitching Treasures" box and says it's the most beautiful thing she has ever stitched (and she has been stitching for a LONG time)


Judy with her completed 12 Days of Christmas from Stoney Creek - I'm just JEALOUS!


Connie with Rosewood Manor's Inspiration (#7 on my UFO list) and I'm jealous of her too!


Emily with Quaker Virtues - we all feel like we had a part in this as she attended SAL every month and was ALWAYS working on it - Emily was diligent and got it done! It's in Tonia's hands for framing now.


Our own Kay with her needlepoint Santa - also in Tonia's framing hands. This photo does not do this piece justice. When she brought this large canvas in on January 1, 2010, I don't know that I really thought she'd complete it but she did, and earlier than Dec 31st! I can't wait to see it framed.


I hope you know how much joy I get from being a part of your stitching lives. I appreciate each & every one of you reading this email - please feel free to pass it on to a friend!







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