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Preparing for Hurricane Dennis

Sent: July 8, 2005

Hi Stitchers -

We're still receiving new goodies from market! Yesterday brought us new kits from Shepherds Bush. Spooky Spots $40 is a darling Halloween spot sampler, The Stockings $30 is a cute Santa hanging the stockings, Busy Sheep (my favorite!) is a darling sheep with a beeskep $28.95. There are also four kits with 10 ct Tula $12.00/ea that are great for quick on the go projects. I stitched two of them while I was at market! I also ordered all their kits that were new last fall (the ones we missed while the shop was closed). They're small and quick and mostly just adorable! Some have already "left the building"! They didn't sit in the new basket long before a lucky customer snatched them up! Don't worry - there are more! You can view all their new stuff at www.shepherdsbush.net

Punchneedle News: We now have new "no-slip" Morgan hoops available. They hold your fabric tighter and your fabric stays tight while you are punching. You don't have to keep tightening it as you go. I've been using one for the last months and have really been amazed at how well it works. The smallest size is 7" ($8.95) and they come in quite larger sizes as well (I can't remember exactly and I'm at home typing this so am unable to go look!). The larger sizes (at least 17") will allow you to do much larger projects than ever before. They also have a lapframe which consists of two hoops hooked together. It will allow you to punch without having to hold your hoop - I saw this done at market and will have to try it. They just came in yesterday! We have also received a new shipment of Weavers Cloth and sell it plain so you can draw your own designs (I use a fine point Sharpie). It costs $2.00 for a piece about 11x18. You can also order it larger (by the 1/4 or 1/2 yard) if you'd like. In addition to the ecru color, we also have a darker tan color.

If you haven't learned to punch yet, you're missing out on this fun quick technique! Check the calendar for classes - the next one is at the end of July.

I made two little pieces to put on baby outfits Tuesday night at stitching and still had enough time to stitch on another project! They were a great hit at the shower I went to last night and I did an extra one that is on display in the shop!

If you are wanting to see a lot of punch needle patterns, click on the link to shop for patterns and do a search by category, then select specialty stitches, and then punch needle. There are a lot to choose from and we have even more in the the shop!

Our Fabric of the Month arrived this week and I have put everyone's fabric (and buttons and threads if you signed up for them as well!). I have a couple of people on my list who I don't have all your info to send to you. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed on Wednesday and although I have my computer set up again, I did not have my address book or my emails in Outlook Express backed up. If you signed up for Fabric of the Month and haven't given me billing info or mailing info, please call the shop today or email me so that I can get this out to you! I finished stitching my Flip Flop Days on the apple/lime green Fabric of the Month and if you'd like to see a picture of it, email me back and I will forward it to you (I don't have the capability to send it out with this mass email!). We ordered enough fabric and buttons to have extra kits so you can still join the Club to get the discount on the buttons and/or Weeks threads.

We have received more new patterns - Terry's favorite is Bunny Battle - it's a medieval piece depicting lots of bunnies at battle - she's going to stitch it on 18 ct linen over two and it will end up being about 36 inches wide! It is from a fairly new designer Arelate and you can see it (along with all the other new items!) on the new listings at

That's all I can think of right now - it's been terrible not having a computer the last couple of days! If you are someone I regularly correspond with, please send me an email so I can get my address book back up to "normal". I promise to back it up before the storm! Any emails of good luck wishes & prayers are appreciated too!

Keep Stitching - it really does relieve STRESS!

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