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Friday Update

Sent: January 21, 2011

Hi Stitchers –


The year is already going too quickly for me! I’m excited about our Retreat next weekend (you probably won’t get an Update next Friday…) but will be happy [and probably sad too] when it is over and I can spend more time on getting back on track with my somewhat normal “shop routines”.


That said, I did update the website with what has come in this week – There’s not a lot but it's kind of fun to say the majority of it is Counted Needlepoint. You can see it all at NewThisWeek


There is a lot more on Hoffman’s new page today so we’ll have lots of new stuff in next week. The Lizzie Kate auto is also shipping next week so be sure to let us know if there’s something you want to reserve – the ABCs of Parenting kit is just darling. You can see it and a photo of Halloween Rules at ComingSoon. Linda has also joined the blogging land and you can read her quips at LizzieKateBlog and see some previews too.


Little House Needleworks is continuing their Ornament of the Month series in 2011. I was happy to hear this as Diane really did release an ornament a month last year on a timely basis! The first is Cardinal Winter and it will be in the shop next week.  The fabrics used in the ornaments will repeat three months in a row.  The first month (and 2nd & 3rd!) all use 30ct WDW Cocoa fabric. Sign up to collect all the Ornament patterns and receive special cuts of the overdyed fabric for $10.00 – this cut of fabric will make 3 ornaments. Here's Cardinal Winter -


I told you earlier this week I’d finished a piece I’ve been working on – it will be released next month but here’s a sneak peek at it – I loved doing Rainforest Crunch so used the colors in it and added some solids, silks, and MORE overdyes and am calling this piece Rainforest Revisited. I designed it to be tall but I think if you turn it sideways it still looks good. I also think it would be fun to do a combination piece with Rainforest Crunch and some of these patterns – uh oh, I feel a brain surge coming…and this is not the right time for it.


Here's a photo of the beginning of Tuscan Midnight in the "Hot Brights" colorway from Liz Morrow - she gave me permission to show you!



Gentle Art Sampler Threads Announcement

We received notice this week from Gentle Art of a price increase due to the increase in raw materials and other costs. Like them, we have absorbed these additional costs and have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible. In order to not increase the price of our current skeins of 10 yard Sampler Threads, I will be no longer be carrying the 10 yard skeins. Instead we will stock 5 yard skeins at $2.25/skein. This is in line with Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colours who do not offer 10 yard skeins. Once we run out of a color, 10 yard skeins will be available by special orders paid in advance and the new price of a 10 yard skein will be $3.50 (only 25 cents more than the current $3.25). To make the transition to stocking the 5 yard skeins, we will offer a 10% discount on what we currently have on hand - make your list, check it twice, and let us know what you'd like to take off our hands. This is a good time to get 10 yards of Sampler Thread for only $2.93 (sale) - later you'll have to purchase two skeins for $4.50 to get 10 yards of a color. 


I’ve been hearing from some of you who as you are finishing projects – feels great, doesn’t it?! If you’re not getting enough stitching time, make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Sit down in your happy stitching place (if you don’t have one, you NEED one) and stitch your troubles away. I think my couch may be getting some serious use on Sunday!






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