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Friday Update; Preview of Nashville

Sent: February 11, 2011

Hi Stitchers! 

Happy TGIF...are you tired of being cold yet? It seems the whole country has temps below normal. I'm feeling "over" the cold weather even if it is great for stitching!
Although I have nothing new in the shop to show you this week, I've done a lot of ordering this week and have new things coming from Drawn Thread, Blackbird (the 11th Anniversary of the Heart pattern is out), Victoria Sampler (they don't come to market), Prairie Schooler, etc. 
I have LOTS to tell you about what I will be seeing at market next weekend. I've got half a newsletter done and since my Friday deadline is looming, here's a link to it. NashvillePreview I'll try and do more tomorrow!
Page 2 of the newsletter shows all my new releases for ND Originals - it was a great week as I was able to do the "Happy Finishing Dance" upon completion of Appalachia and Bargello Diamonds. I've had several things going for so long; it's odd to not have something on the frame. I'm sure I'll think of something new to work on soon! After all, I do have new colors of Threadworx Overdyed Vineyard Silk and new colors of Watercolors on the way to me!
Be sure to let us know what you want us to bring back for you from Nashville. I will be exhibiting as well as buying for the shop and Tonia & I are going alone with no backup from my mom or friends like last year! It'll be a challenge, exhausting, exhilarating and we're looking forward to it! At least, I am! 
I'll be stitching on my Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart this weekend - Alma wants me to show her my progress next weekend!
Stay warm and keep stitching! That's my plan for the weekend...

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