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Nashville Preview Part 2

Sent: February 12, 2011

Click here for the rest of the previews!

 And here's the link to Part 1 in case you missed it yesterday! NashvillePreviewPart1


There will be much more we see and purchase but this is all I'm showing you in advance! Trust me - the surprises will be worth it. I heard a great secret today and have to keep it until we're home!


If you happen to see something somewhere else but consider us your "local needlework shop", feel free to let me know and we'll be sure to pick it up for you.


In the meantime, the new Drawn Thread arrived in the shop today...I'll add them to the website next week but can tell The Menagerie is a beautiful piece and I'd start stitching now if I didn't already have a million things to do. At least I can add it to my stash for someday!


Hope you're having a great weekend.



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