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Friday Update

Sent: February 18, 2011

Hi Stitchers -
Tonia & I are off to Nashville this morning! The car is packed (lots of empty space to bring home all your goodies!) and I'm on my way out the door. Tonia will be stitching while I drive - lucky her!
Just wanted to remind you the shop will be closed today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). We're driving home on Monday and the shop will be open Tuesday.
If you didn't get a chance to look at the Nashville Previews, here are the links - it's divided into two files because they were so big! I know we'll be getting so much more than what's listed here - this is just a taste! 

 NashvillePreviewPart1 (page 2 of this has all the Needle Delights Originals new charts with a few specials I will extend through the weekend!
If you happen to see something somewhere else but consider us your "local needlework shop", feel free to let me know and we'll be sure to pick it up for you. This is what allows us to keep our doors open for retail business!
I saw on Blackbird's blog yesterday they will have 7 (yes, seven) of their smaller "Reward of Merit" patterns for us to buy (if we get them; they always sell out fast!).  If you know you want them sight unseen, go ahead and email me - I'll check email tonight or first thing in the morning to get your last minute requests.
Have a great weekend - talk to you next week! Come see us Tuesday! And don't forget we have the class tables open Thursday morning from 9:30 to noon for "Open Stitching" - I imagine next week there's going to be a whole lot of exclaiming over the new merchandise and not much stitching going on! 

Finish up a project this weekend and get ready for something new!

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