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Friday Update

Sent: February 25, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


I'm celebrating getting all the new stuff from market on the website! Check it all out at NewThisWeek&Nashville. Market was quick quick for me as I exhibited alone for the first time and Tonia did most of the buying by herself for the first time. She'd go out shopping and bring me order forms when she wasn't sure about something. Then out she'd go to get more goodies for all of you. Then she'd watch my booth while I ran around and tried to see everything! It was fun but exhausting and we're both so looking forward to this weekend!


In addition to the frenzy of shopping, market is always a fun time for us to see the designers face to face and catch up on with each other. It's so much better in person than over the phone or through email. I sometimes wonder if technology isn't the best thing since sliced bread. Just as a picture never can show the beauty of handwork, a computer can't be a person. I know I must be getting old because I'm finding myself resistant to more and more technological advances. That said, I do have this website for the shop and find it so convenient to order from my distributors anytime I like, pay bills online, communicate quickly with all of you, and more and more. Of course, it also makes it easy to work 24/7 and I'm trying to quit doing so much of this. It seems to also be keeping people away from actually coming into the store to shop and I find myself spending more time on the computer than with people. As a "people person", this isn't a good thing... Anyway...if you made it to the end of this tirade, I'd welcome any comments you have.


My favorite things about market in bullet format:


** Seeing the look on Alma & Barbs' faces when I showed them my 20ct Anniversaries of the Heart Sampler (they LOVE it)


** Seeing the shopowners who purchase my original patterns


** Catching up with other designers


** Seeing Past & Present from Rosewood Manor in person


** Meeting new designers Kathy Schmitz & Bonnie Sullivan (sisters who design quilt fabric and are just joining the needlework industry)


** Finding new owners of The Sweetheart Co who make darling wood cutout frames and discovering one of their patterns was one of the most requested pieces we framed


** Seeing my friend Gayle (she owns a shop in New Orleans)


** Starting a new project with a new color of linen and a new color of Weeks Dye Works (i'll show it to you next week because I already FINISHED it!)


** Packing up and coming HOME!


Hope to see lots of you soon. Until next week,







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