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Friday Update

Sent: March 11, 2011

Hi Stitchers -
Happy Friday! We're experiencing a Spring Weather Day here in northwest Florida today and I think this may be my last "long sleeves" day until the fall...
We've had an unusual week and not received one new thing in the shop in the last four days. I know we'll be getting some new next week - there are some great things up on the Hoffman site www.hoffmandis.com or you can go to our Merchant Mall to see what is coming this week.
The Framing Gallery is updated - check out the FrameGallery to see what Tonia's been framing and think about what you need to bring in. We love adding the finishing touch to your  stitching so it can be enjoyed by many. I recently read on StitchLady's blog "I am getting this framed.  It is too good to put in a drawer ". It was especially thrilling for me as she was talking about my Galaxy piece. She just posted a photo of the framed piece on her blog today - check it out at http://stitchlady.wordpress.com/
I've received several pictures of Tuscan Midnight stitched in some of the alternate colorways listed in the pattern - I was going to add them to my blog this afternoon but I can't remember my password and it's written down next to my computer at home. I'll try and get them added this weekend. You can see my first blog posting at www.needledelightsoriginals.blogspot.com
I already have "followers"!
When Spring approaches, I always feel like doing Spring Cleaning. Here in the shop, we're springing and flinging and next week we'll start offering a "Deal of the Day" to celebrate the approach of Spring. It's our own version of March Madness. This Sunday is "Selection Sunday" and Tuesday will be the first round. Be sure to read Tuesday's "Tidbits" email for all the details of this fun celebration of Spring.
I finished another project this week - it's one of the smaller Blackbird patterns we picked up at market called "Wild Lilies" - it's a big large for a pincushion but I will probably finish it this way anyway. I display them more as little pillows than using them to stick pins in. Here's a photo of the stitching. One of my flowers is lower than the other - I got off when I started the flower on the right and by the time I realized it, too much ripping would have been necessary. Besides, the charm of primitive is that things aren't perfect.
Until Tuesday - I'll be stitching; will you?!


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