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Tuesday Tidbits - March Madness Sales

Sent: March 15, 2011

Hi Stitchers -

Before I announce our version of March Madness, my tidbit this week is about the importance of the needle you use. I was reminded of this Saturday when I had a customer ask for some needles. I asked “what size” and her response was “it doesn’t matter”.  Inwardly, I cringed. Most stitchers know the needle is our main “tool” when we are stitching and it can make a world of difference to our stitching experience. I explained the different types and sizes of needles to her and then gave her the needles for the particular stitching she was going to be doing. One of the first articles I wrote was "The Needle" and you can read it at NeedleArticle.


March Madness Sale


Today begins our March Madness Sale - we're offering a "Deal of the Day" now until the end of the month. What could be better than a surprise sale every day?! We’ve done some spring cleaning and been making room for new goodies arriving in the shop this spring & summer.


This sale is so big I’ve added “Deal of the Day” to the Menu on the website. It’s under “Sale Items” towards the bottom of the menu. You’ll easily be able to click on it each day to check out the “Deal of the Day”. The "Deal of the Day" will be posted by 9am (Central Time) each day. When a "Deal" is posted, there may be just one in the shop or multiples - sales are on "in stock only" and on a first come, first serve basis. If you think you might want a Deal from another day, you can request your order be held and shipped at the end of the month when March Madness ends to save on the shipping! 


To take advantage of the "Deal of the Day", send an email to kathy@needledelights.com to place your order or call the shop at 850-478-8898. 



Click DealOfTheDay to see the first Deal!  



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