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Friday Update

Sent: March 18, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


It's me again! Do you feel I've been playing "Let's Make A Deal" all week? I heard this from a customer and thought it most appropriate! Thank you to all of you who have taken advantage of the great deals we've offered so far. I already have several empty baskets to put more new stuff into! Do you have a suggestion for Deal of the Day? Do you want to "make a deal"? Let me know if you're looking for something special and I'll see what I can do - no promises though!


If you've been looking at the Deal of the Day this week, you'll notice I've been leaving earlier days' Deals listed and showing you what has "SOLD OUT". As long as something still shows a price, you may order it. I try to update it fairly often.


The website is updated with new arrivals this week. Check them out at  NewThisWeek. There are some cute patterns - Mill Hill has released patterns from Debbie Mumm & Sticks - we haven't had new Mill Hill patterns in ages and I think these were worth the wait, especially Spooky Town. You stitch the Town on fabric and the characters on perforated paper - it's too cute. I also love the new Sampler thread colors - they are just yummy! I may have to change or substitute some colors on something new just to stitch with them! You all know how much I love thread - I actually can feel my heart race when I get new colors in any of my favorite threads! I feel a design urge coming on!


Have a great weekend - keep checking out the deals but once you've seen them, log off the computer and pick up your stitching. Spring is in the air here in NW Florida and stitching outside would be a great order of the day for Sunday!


Until tomorrow - there will some Sweethearts of Deals posted in the morning!


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