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Friday Update

Sent: March 25, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


TGIF! The website is updated with the new arrivals this week. The next Little House Ornament of the month is here, there are great new designs from Rosewood Manor (we got to preview them in Nashville so I know they are beautiful!), and some new patterns from Stoney Creek. See them & more at NewThisWeek.


The Deals of the Day continue tomorrow with kits from Shepherd's Bush - we have several baskets full and know you will want to take advantage of the specials on them. I've stitched a lot of their pieces over the years and the mostly soft, soothing colors and silks are a real joy.


Don't forget to check out my blog for Needle Delights Originals - http://www.needledelightsoriginals.blogspot.com/ gets you there. Bookmark it or better yet, become a "Follower"! I'm discovering BlogLand is fun and I really like posting stuff there!


Talk to you soon!


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