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Deal of the Day/Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: March 29, 2011

Good Morning Stitchers -
Happy Tuesday! Today's Deals have been posted and feature patterns and accessory packs from Victoria Sampler. These lovely designs are stitched on linen with silk threads and are often embellished with beads and/or charms. There are specialty stitches on them and the instructions and stitch diagrams are excellent.
Click DealOfTheDay to see today's Deals.
I've divided the Deal of the Day page into a "Current" and a second page for Prior Day's Deals. This will help load the current page a little quicker! I've also taken off all the "Sold Out" items from the Prior Days so you can see what is still available at some great prices.
Click DealOfTheDay-Prior to see earlier Deals which you may still order!
I've also set up a separate page for the Needle Delights Originals which were a Deal last Thursday - they're special in that they won't "Sell Out". Click NeedleDelightsOriginalsDeals to see what patterns and kits I've offered a Deal on!
For Tuesday's Tidbit this week, I refer you back to the Article Archives to remind you of the awesome Buddy Cases - every stitcher needs one! They also make a great little Mother's Day gift even for the non-stitcher! Click BuddyCase to read about them. We've got a good stock of them in the shop right now and the new Lt Pink ones have been a big hit.
Until tomorrow!

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