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Friday Update & Framing News

Sent: April 1, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


Although it is April Fool's Day, this email is NOT an April Fool's prank - it is real and true.


I have made a difficult decision to close the Framing Department of Needle Delights. We will not be taking in any more framing jobs. If you currently have something pending, Tonia will be finishing up everything we currently have by the end of April. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes but it is a necessary economic decision.


The shop is NOT closing - we will continue to offer the finest needlework supplies and do everything we do now, except offer custom framing.


Deal of the Day Update - thank you to all of you who participated in our "Deal of the Day" March Madness event. It's a good thing it's over - I think I was on my way to "Madness" and am glad I won't be going over the edge! We have been busy getting orders mailed and will continue with this tomorrow. I hope to have everything shipped by Monday and hope I don't have to work on Sunday to make this happen!


We did get a few new things in this week but I haven't had a chance to get them on the website yet - you can check out what's new in the Merchant Mall though and let us know if there's anything you need (or want!).


Have a great stitching weekend!


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