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Friday Update

Sent: April 8, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


It's Friday - yeah! The website is updated with this week's new arrivals. It's an eclectic group of Mill Hill kits, needlepoint stitch books (both added to my own personal collection!), cross stitch patterns from Mirabilia, Imaginating, Homespun Elegance, & more, and a counted needlepoint chart from Carolyn Mitchell. Click NewThisWeek to see it all. I'll be ordering more new patterns from Hoffman the first of next week - let me know if you want to reserve anything - they've made some big changes to their website (www.hoffmandis.com and I think it's going to be a a lot easier to navigate once I get used to it! You know how you get used to something and even a good change is a big adjustment?! Anyway, check it out - I'm sure there are great new releases today...


On a designer note, my Needle Delights Originals blog is updatd with a very sneak peek at what I've been stitching on lately. I've been fighting a cold/sinus infection all week so have had a lot of "down time" to stitch! It's the only good thing about being sick...I'm feeling better today but not 100% yet.



Enjoy beautiful weather and if you can, stitch outdoors this weekend!


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