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Friday Update

Sent: May 13, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


Happy Friday the 13th. I hope you're not superstitious or if you are, that no bad luck is coming your way today! We're finally getting some much needed rain here in Northwest Florida today so I'm happy. I know other parts of the country have had way too much rain but we're happy to take some of it now.


Spring is in full swing which means in the needlework world, things kind of slow down. There aren't a lot of new designs released at this time of the year, people are taking advantage of the glorious weather (in some places!) to start gardening, and here at the shop we get to take a breath! This is a great time to come in and find something fresh and new to start. We've recently had an influx of people in looking for a new project and it's fun to see what they like.


Our next Stitch-In is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th. Your $5 payment is your reservation. We'll be setting up tables all over the shop again and it'll be a cozy time! With moving this event back into the shop, we'll be limiting the number of attendees so be sure to sign up if you'd like to come. It's always fun to see what everyone is working on and we'll be doing sandwiches and "summer picnic" type food this time.


The website is updated with what we do have that's new - just a few things. Click NewInTheShop to browse.


I've updated my blog with some sneak peeks! Click http://www.needledelightsoriginals.blogspot.com/

to visit and see what I've been working on!


Here are a few "Deals" - these will pop up from time to time! I found a few more goodies from Just Nan to offer you. When they're gone, they're gone...don't delay emailing or calling if you want them!

Tea with Honey - this pin cushion cube has cardstock banding (included in the pattern). Beads, the three pin Tea Party set, and finishing instructions are included. Reg Price $48, Deal $32


Gilded Dragonfly - this Limited Edition pattern for the scissor holder "purse" and fob includes the beads, dragonfly charm/pin, and finishing materials. Reg Price $40 Deal $29


Have a stitchy weekend!


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