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RE: Friday Update

Sent: July 2, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


Happy Friday! I didn't have a chance to write this earlier today but wanted to remind you the shop will be closed tomorrow (Saturday) through Tuesday. The combination of closing one day, a weekend, and my new summer hours gives me the chance to takea  mini vactaion to celebrate the 4th of July. While I'm away, the website remains open - you can shop the E-store (there are lots of items in the Limited Sale pages), the Merchant Mall or check out the following websites - I will place orders from all of these distributors next week.



www.hoffmandis.com - All the latest in Cross Stitch, thousands of patterns, Crescent Colour threads, and now even some quilting & embroidery patterns


www.wichelt.com - everything Mill Hill, patterns, accessories & more


www.nordencrafts.com - cross stitch & canvaswork patterns, accessories, & more [this is where I order the great zippered mesh bags]


My stitching bag is packed and now I'm off to pack the clothes - somehow the stitching just got more attention!


My blog is updated - I was excited to finish a large piece this week! I'm loving Design Day Tuesdays!  Check it out at http://www.needledelightsoriginals.blogspot.com/


Here are some direct links to the sale pages:


 DealOfTheDay - please send an email if you'd like to order from the items listed here (they're not in the E-Store but we can combine the orders)


CanvasWork  - Counted Needlepoint Patterns


Patterns - Cross Stitch Patterns on Sale


Patterns2 - More Patterns on Sale


Don't forget to sign up for Blackbird's Summer Loose Feathers Club - all the details are in last week's email  - click HERE to read it.


Have a great weekend - I hope it includes some stitching time for you!






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