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Sent: July 8, 2011

Hi Stitchers -
I was surprised (happily!) today when the UPS man brought in our Loose Feathers automatic from Blackbird Designs. We didn't get enough fabric for all the orders (they sent a very nice "I'm sorry but your fabric is delayed from Europe" letter). We often experience delays in fabric shipments during the summer because of the summer holiday breaks in Europe - I've even heard some of the mills shut down completely for 4-6 weeks. It's frustrating waiting for "certain" fabrics but I'm usually able to find a good substitute, especially with the overdyed fabrics. Since the overdyed fabrics are hand-dyed, rarely do they come in looking the same as the last batch.
In my opinion, the best way to choose fabric is to lay all the threads on various fabrics to see which one goes the best. What the pattern calls for is what the designer stitched on but often times, there is something that works just as well if not better than what the designer used. Most designers have limited access to fabrics unless they're close to a good needlework shop so they often just use what they have on hand that looks the best with the threads they've chosen. Being able to see (in person) a large assortment of fabrics is one of the great benefits of having a local needlework shop. I've had designers come into the shop while they are traveling and they always make a beeline to the fabrics and buy a lot of what they like! Of course, if you're too far away, I'm happy to be your "eyes" - I never send fabric out that I wouldn't personally choose for myself.
With the short week, the arrivals this week consisted of regular supplies of fabric and threads - no new titles (other than the Loose Feathers Summer). There are just a few new titles on Hoffman's site this week - I'm in the holiday stitching mood and this one from Rosewood Manor caught my eye. It's from Rosewood Manor and is called Christmas Blues. The pattern is $16 - let me know if you'd like to reserve one.
I did post a bunch of Deals yesterday in case you missed it. Here's the info again...
The Deal of the Day has new "Deals"! I've just finished putting up a lot of great needlepoint (painted canvas, linedrawn canvases, and counted canvas charts) - fabulous designs from The Princess & Me, Catherine Coleman, Libby Sturdy, and more. There are some great "Christmas in July" specials...I consider July the official start of holiday stitching and there's a lot for you to choose from. As always, items are on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you see something you'd like. We're also happy to include supplies or kit items for you if you let us know. I'll update the page as items are sold.
Click DealOfTheDay to see today's Deals.  

Here are the links to the sale items in the E-Store:

Email me with questions or orders! Watch your mailbox for emails next week about more Deals!


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