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Friday Update

Sent: July 22, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


The website is updated with a few new things - "Diamond Dreams" is new from Carolyn Mitchell - I may have to pull the threads this weekend as I'm sure the photo doesn't do it justice - it's just up my alley and looks like a ton of fun to stitch. Click New This Week to see the new items.There's a lot more coming next week - see the new listings on Hoffman's site New Items To Order and then email me if you see something you'd like me to get and save for you. 


For me, it's officially "Christmas in July" as Prairie Schooler has released this year's Santa - I'll be mailing it to my dad to stitch - he makes it every year from my mom! I love sleeping in the "Christmas" guest room where they are all hanging now! Here's what he looks like this year:



They also started doing a Limited Editiion Kit a few years ago and this year it's called "Comin' To Town"


Please let me know if you'd like to reserve either (or both!) of these. The pattern is $4 and the kit $32. The kit is complete with pattern, natural linen, and overdyed flosses.


If you've been reading my emails this week, you know the shop is in the throes of our "Summer Sale" which we're doing "Deal A Day" style. If you've checked out the page and found it rather "funky" (aka Really Screwed Up), I think I've fixed all my editing challenges in redoing the page each morning. I've never had as much trouble with it as I've had this week! If you've already taken advantage of the sale, thank you - I really appreciate the business and will be able to shop more at market next month!


To get to the sale page, just click DealOfTheDay - I'm keeping it updated as fast as I can and there will be more added in the morning!


Have a great weekend -


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