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New Arrivals!

Sent: July 27, 2005

Hi Stitchers -

Seems like it's been awhile since I've sent out a quick update. I've been busy teaching classes and had a computer issue and didn't receive any of my emails through the website for the last two days. We think it's fixed but I'll know for sure if I don't hear from y'all after I send this!

Today we received the 2005 Prairie Schooler Santa ($3.00) - he's holding a threaded needle and scissors and a small quilt. As usual, he's very cute. We're getting a package ready to send to Framer (retired)John as I'm not letting him give up the tradition of stitching the Santa for us every year! We also have four new leaflets from Prairie Schooler - Folk Art Christmas is a collection of rectangle shaped ornaments that are darling. There's an angel, a church, a couple of santas, a tree, and a reinder. They are adorable. The other three leaflets combine to give you Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - they are too cute. Each leaflet is $8.00.

From Calico Crossroads - 2 new in the black cats series are Faxcinating and Tricky Treats $6.00 ea

La-D-Da has a really pretty birth smapler Gabrielle Rose - different, but very pretty. $9.00

Imaginating has Bethlehem - three silhouettes of Bethlehem $6.00 and Blessed With You - two cute snowmen with a verse that says "I Thank God He Blessed me with you" $6.00

Heart in Hand - another in the Medley series Halloween Medley - this is a great quick, narrow design to stitch for Halloween. $6.00

That's just a preview of new patterns - more will be arriving early next week as it will be August - where does the time fly??

Another favorite gadget of mine has arrived - I ordered scissors at market earlier this summer with ladybug handles (red with black spots) and bumblebee handles (yellow with black spots). They just arrived yesterday! $22.95 ea

In cleaning the clutter from my desk earlier this week, I found four charts that I'd brought home from Columbus. They are the new charts from Mosey 'n Me and I was fortunate to get Frank Bielic to sign them for me - they are Christmas Delivery, The Key to Christmas, FolkArt Crow, and Costume-What Costume?!!! The first person to respond to my email wanting them will get them. I'll just need to know where to send them or if you'll pick them up. You can view them through the Merchant Mall on our website!

I have to run - it's after five and I'm off to home to try out my new lapframe for punchneedle. We have class tomorrow morning and I have one extra kit, if anyone is interested. Class starts at 9:30 and if you'll call me at 380-9619, I'll sign you up!

Thanks for reading this far - go stitch now!


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