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Friday Update & new Deals!

Sent: August 19, 2011

Hi Stitchers –
I’m back from Baltimore where I had the most fabulous crabcakes – twice! They’re actually more like crab “balls” than the crabcakes we get here in the south. You can see a photo on my blog (along with photos of my booth). I loved them. More importantly (maybe!) the market was great and there were lots of new wonderful designs. I’ve been adding stuff to the website so you can see some of the new things from market last weekend - Click Here to see everything. Because I exhibited my NDO designs, I didn’t have much time to shop to bring things home (I did manage to bring some home though). I made a quick run around most of the rooms so I could at least see the models (the BEST part of market besides getting to visit with everyone). Don’t worry though – orders will be coming in next week! Everything you see on the website now is in the shop as I write. You may also see new things at Hoffman, NordenCrafts, & Wichelt (my three main suppliers!). Please let me know if you’d like to order or reserve anything.
Orange Alert!! We just received in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween book – it’s a stunner, chock full of the cutest Halloween designs ever (all sizes – this is not an “ornament” book). At just $16.95, it’s a Bargain and a must for Halloween fans!
Also just in, Lizzie Kate’s auto which includes this year's Santa, ornaments, and the new Flip-It series of “6 Fat Men”. We have the first three charts. Let us know if you’d like to be on the list to get the rest. I think this is just darling.
and here's what it looks like if you put all the charts together!
I also added some Deals to the Deal Of The Day page – today there are older kits from Lizzie Kate and Charmed patterns from Hinzeit. All of these are quick to stitch making them great gift ideas.
Hope you've had some relief from the heat - it was wonderful pleasant in Baltimore - low humidity, breezy, and I wish I could have been outdoors more! Now it's back to the normal humidity of Florida where I'm ever thankful for my A/C and ability to enjoy staying indoors stitching, reading, designing, and so much more. Can you tell I'm looking forward to the weekend?! 
Come visit the shop tomorrow!

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