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Friday Update - Sale Continues...

Sent: September 10, 2011

Hi Stitchers -

Just a reminder that our "Going Out of Business"sale is happening now. Everything in stock inthe shop is 30% off.Ianticipate taking special orders only until Saturday, September 17th. Please let me know asap if there is something you'd like before the shop closes. Orders will be taken on a case by case basis and must be paid in advance.

We have a large "Garage Sale"area in the back room of the shop - there are lots of bargains at garage sale prices (ie we're practically giving things away!). There are scrap bags of fabric - linens and aidas, patterns, canvas, and grab bags of threads - pearl cottons, Caron threads, Rainbow Gallery threads, and more. We have a whole basket of "gently used"Splendor for $1.00 per card. There are also a few Longaberger baskets for sale - without the shop Iwon't need so many!

The most asked about "fixture"I'm selling is the wooden DMCboxes. They are $50 each and will be "reserved"for you to pick up after the shop closes in October. Some are sold already but there are still some available. Receipt of payment guarantees your purchase and must be made by check or cash - no credit cards.

Another question I've been asked a lot - are your Needle Delights Originals patterns and kits on sale?Answer:Yes, they are on sale at 30% off while we still have them in stock (there aren't too many left). 2nd Question: Can Iwait and order them when they are 40 or 50% off?Answer:You may wait but the Needle Delights Originals patterns &kits will not be offered at a discount of more than 30%.

Ihave received so many emails this week - everything from orders to good wishes to disappointments, etc. Although Idon't have time to personally answer every email sent to me, Iwant to thank you for your enthusiasm and best wishes for my future. Iappreciate your support and encouragement. If you've sent an email with an order and not received a reply, please resend it as Ibelieve I've responded to everybody who placed an order. We're mailing things as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience in receiving your orders.

Until next week...


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