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Last Posting of Sales/Garage Sale Notice!

Sent: October 20, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


This is the final posting I will do until after I have the shop completely packed up and moved. I anticipate having thread to post but it may be a few weeks or even a month (it's light and easy to move and deal with later!).


We're having a Garage Sale! As I'm packing I'm finding things I don't want to keep, move, or deal with. The Sale is at the shop this Saturday, October 22nd from 8am to Noon - the bargains have grown and the prices are amazing. Invite anyone who loves a good garage sale as there is a lot more than just stitching stuff. Bookcases, microwave, misc kitchen supplies, more Longaberger baskets, office stuff, glass top table, cash register, wire racks, etc, etc. This will be your last opportunity to visit Needle Delights.


I ended up with a few extra DMC cabinets (my mom couldn't get them in her car!) so if you're interested, they are $50 each. There are four available. Anchor thread cabinets are $35 ea or $125 for all six of them.


Here are links to today's postings (go there anytime from the Close-Out Menu on the left side of the website):


All the  Fabric left is listed and most are more than 50% off.


The rest of the charts are Patterns Part 3.


There's one more page of counted needlepoint including more charts, hardcover (really softcover thicker books or patterns), Rainbow Gallery charts (these classics are just $1 ea!) and Needlepoint Now magazines. Click ChartedNeedlepoint Pt 2 to see them.


Items listed in the Close-Out Sales will not be part of the Garage Sale. However, if you want to order and pick the items up at the Garage Sale, I will be happy to accomodate you as long as I have your order no later than 6PM tomorrow, Friday.


Orders will be mailed out early next week - I'm pulling them and updating the website as your emails come in. If you're concerned I haven't emailed you back, shoot me an email and I'll respond with simply "YES" or "NO" - that's all I can do right now! I've got to get back to packing!


Get your orders in asap so I don't have to move so much stuff! It's much better to mail it out of here than pack it and store it! Thank you for all your help with this!






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