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RE: Lots of Updates/Info

Sent: December 14, 2011

Hi Stitchers -


Do you miss me? I sure miss you! I do have to admit though that I'm enjoying being home and having more time to design and come up with new stuff. It's especially nice to have more time at home during the holidays. I'm enjoying my tree and posted some photos to my Blog. I have lots to tell you so read on...


I'll soon be eliminating all of the content on the Needle Delights website and turning it into the Needle Delights Originals website. As part of this process, I'll be creating a new Mailing List. If you'd like to continue to receive e-newsletters from me and NDO, you must send me an email and put "NDO Mailing List" in the subject line. I appreciate your patience with me over the next few months as I move through this transition. I do have more products to put on the website but it will probably be in the new year. If you don't wish to receive further emails from Needle Delights, the shop, just scroll to the bottom of this email and hit "unsubscribe". I'll send this info out several more times before I delete the  current mailing list, photographs, framing gallery, and Articles.



I've updated the fabric listings and added the last of what I have to sell. Click Fabric Closeouts to see what is still available at bargain basement prices.


I still have plenty of great patterns at even better prices - there are five pages of them and they are up to date. I've reduced the price on a number of items. Email with your requests - when they're gone, they're gone!


Page1   Page2  Page3  Page4  Page5


I've combined the two Needlepoint Pages and reduced prices there as well - click Charted Needlepoint.



I've chosen the colorways for the Mystery Design starting in January - click Mystery2012 for more info and to see the colorways. Please sign up asap as I have to order threads very soon!



I'm excited to announce a new series of designs called "Double Delights".

“Double Delights” is a series of color studies, focusing on color combinations. Typically, a “Double Delights” design will feature two colors and have two colorways. The first colorway will consist of the threads chosen for the specific design. The second colorway will be made up of threads used in previously released Color Delights designs. The size of the Doubles designs will be 4x4, the same as the Color Delights designs. This will make it easy to combine the various patterns into larger designs.

A Double Delights design will be released on a monthly basis starting March 1, 2012. Kits will be available on an “automatic” basis. Prices will vary from $30-35/month including postage (in the US). This includes the pattern, threads, and canvas. If you do not sign up for the auto, you will be able to order on an individual basis at the regular price (usually about $5 more). You may also to sign up for an auto and elect the pattern only for $10 (includes postage) or pattern & canvas for $13 (postage included).

All good things will not come to an end! I will continue to release new Color Delights patterns on an irregular basis. Although I am not positive about the timing, I expect there will be three or four in the next 12 months. You may sign up to receive these automatically if you wish.

Please send an email to kathy@needledelights.com if you have any questions or want to sign up for the Doubles Delights auto.

Hope you're enjoying the holidays!



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