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Closeoout Sales Updated

Sent: August 16, 2012

Hi Stitchers -
First, it is with great sadness that I report that Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum passed away on Tuesday. She was known especially for her Victorian angel designs (Lavender & Lace) but she also released designs under the product lines of "Butternut Road" and "Told in a Garden".

Please keep her family and many friends in your prayers.

She touched so many lives with her art. We somewhat kiddingly joked that her designs are what propelled Needle Delights to it's successful beginnings. I cannot tell you how many patterns we sold and how many angels Framer John framed. I personally stitched a lot of her designs and have the Angel of Spring hanging in my house.

For more background on Marilyn, here's a link to her website
The Closeouts have been updated. There are three new pages as follows.
K's Creations - Frames and accessories
Stitch N Zip Needlepoint Kits from Alice Peterson (plus 3 of their Canoodle kits
Miscellaneous Items (lots of different stuff). I photographed it as I unpacked it and it’s not in much of an order although I did try to group like items together. There are stretcher bars, Mill Hill kits, Shepherds Bush sterling silver charms, hard cover books and much more.
Great news for those of you who missed out on the JAB buttons - I discovered a big bag of JAB buttons and some other embellishments last night when I was unpacking so will be photographing those soon and adding them to the embellishment page.
Threads will be listed tomorrow (noonish) along with a page of Longaberger baskets. These will be the final listings for now. I anticipate listing more mid September after I exhibit at the Baltimore TNNA tradeshow. I still have a few boxes I haven't opened but I have run out of time for now. I have a lot of instructions to write!

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