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Back from Baltimore

Sent: September 15, 2012

Hi -
I'm back from the Baltimore market and am busier than ever! Here are my latest releases.

Summer Logs is a stand alone design stitched entirely in Watercolours (18 different ones!). I've used most of the colors in previous designs so you may have quite a few of them. This would be a great stash piece if you want to use up some leftovers. I limited myself to 18  to not overload the supply list but you could easily make each "log" a different color!
Carnival is the eagerly awaited final design of the "Rio Trio" and is stitched with overdyed Vineyard Silks from Threadworx. Only 4 colors are used in this that were not in the others (new colors were released as I started on this and of course, I just had to use them!).
Pandora's Boxes is the Mystery Project I taught earlier this year. The pattern includes eight different colorways. I personally really enjoyed working on this piece and am looking forward to starting something big again.
DoubleDelights - Plinkime is the 7th in the series of 12.
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