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Sent: November 11, 2012

Hi Stitchers -
If you're reading this, you're either wondering if I have a new design or if I have listed more shop close-out sales. The answer to both is Yes!! My latest canvas designs are Double Delights - Plumberry and Color Delights - Peppermint - your local shops should have them soon if they don't already.
Double Delights - Plumberry
This is last month's "Charbleu".
And here is Color Delights - Peppermint (I'm getting in the mood for Christmas!)
September's release of Summer Logs (you can see it on the home page of the website) was wildly popular and I'm currently working on Spring Logs - one of these days, I'll update my blog with photos of progress. I went to EGA National Seminar in Santa Fe a few weeks ago and it was a blast although defintely a time-sucker!
As for the closeouts, we're getting close to the end of this seemingly never ending process. The storage unit is almost empty, my home office is now in perfect working order, and my garage is completely organized (I can even park the car inside again!). I wonder what I'll do when this inventory is all gone (yes, I hear you all saying, "Design & Stitch!!)...
I've spent the last three days photographing most of the rest of the sale items and have a big chunk of them up for you. I anticipate a few more postings (still a couple of boxes to unpack) and hope to be done by the end of the week. Due to a few issues, I have to impose a new policy of not holding items without payment within 48 hours. I am still willing to hold items to send them all together at the end of the week to save you postage but payment will have to occur within 48 hours of my reply email to you with totals. This isn't a big issue for me but will allow me to put items back up for sale that are "not picked up".
Here are the links to the sales (you can also get to them anytime through the "Close-Out" menu on the website. Start (or continue!) your Holiday Shopping here! Continue checking the website through the week - I'll send an email when all listings are complete and will update the pages as fast as I can.
More Threads
More Accessories,Gadgets,& Miscellaneous - you never know what you'll see here - it's a catch all for me!
and Finally...Baskets
I've also reduced the prices on the Embellishments page and the Painted Canvas page - these items are a steal!
As always, sales are on a first come, first serve basis. Paypal is working great for me but I can still take credit cards as well. Please indicate your preferred method of payment and your mailing address with your order so I can calculate totals for you.
Thanks so much!

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