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New Arrivals!

Sent: August 17, 2005

We've been getting some fun new stuff! I discovered a new designer who has some really cute whimsical patterns that look quick to stitch. My favorite Eat the Chocolate says 4 out of 5 voices in my head say...eat the chocolate. It uses really cute buttons from Just Another Button Company (chocolate, candy, cookie, and a cupcake!). They also have a wonderful Lord's Prayer pattern $16.00 that would be a beautiful sampler in anyone's home. I'll list the rest of the patterns here but if you want to see pictures, go to www.mybigtoedesigns.com

Me And My House (As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD)
Best Friends
Dog Hair...just another specialty fiber
Cat Hair...just another specialty fiber

We have a great new book "Knots Fur & Turkeywork" from Meredith Barnhill Willett and Beth Robertson (Stitches for Effect). It has every kind of knot you can imagine from bullion knots to french knots to some I've never seen before. There are also great sections on different techniques to make fur on your needlepoint canvases and on turkeywork (for example, Santa's beard or a fur lined coat. Lots of wonderful examples and color photos. $35.00

We've got great new kits for the small pillows from Pine Mountain Designs. I should say we had them because a lot of them have already left the building! These fun kits are so quick to stitch and are all inclusive with the pillow to tuck the stitching into. I'll be placing another order this week - let me know if you'd like anything in particular. You can see all their designs at www.pinemtndesigns.com

We are still getting painted needlepoint canvases in from the Columbus market. Yesterday brought a new selection of canvases from Jane Nichols. There are a couple of contemporary pieces that I love with a turtle and a frog. We also got a collection of small flip flops and they are just adorable.

On loan to us from Ewe & Eye & Friends/Twisted Threads are models of the button magnets I told you about last week. Ruth was also kind enough to send me her actual painted magnet board models and a few of the buttons stitched up. They'll be in the shop until after the Open House.

That's all I can think of now - lots more next week!


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