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Summer Update & New Releases

Sent: August 5, 2013

Hi Stitchers!

There’s a whole lot going in the world of Needle Delights Originals. I’ll be releasing three new designs in a couple of weeks, have a new teaching piece and several other things I can’t make public yet. Pre-order the new designs now through the Website or reply to this email.

I have a new Teaching Piece called Inchies (because the blocks are an inch square). I’m offering it through Shining Needle Society and you can read about it and see photos on my Blog or the Official Shining Needle Announcement.

Before I get to the new stuff, I have to announce the unpopular price increase. In five years this is my first increase on any of my patterns. Effective September 1st, all of the Jewels & Gemstones, Edibles, and Destinations patterns will go up to $14 and the kits for them will also go up $1.00 (The Rio Trio patterns will remain $15). Order now before the prices go up – the website will be updated with new prices on September 1st. If you’re pre-ordering any of the new designs, there is no additional postage for adding any of the older patterns or kits.

Here are the new designs…

Autumn Logs is the 4th of a series of patterns based on a log cabin quilt block in the colors of the four seasons. It is stitched with 17 different colours of Watercolours (email me for a list).  Complete Kit $95; Pattern Only $15  

 Bora Bora is the latest addition to my "Destinations" Collection and is stitched with a variety of stitches and threads. Design size is 6x10. Complete Kit $109; Pattern Only $15

Color Delights - Mint is the latest in the Color Delights series. There are now 35 titles in this series and I haven't run out of colors yet! Requests or suggestions welcome! Complete Kit $35; Pattern Only $10

 Do you know about the Color Delights Club? It’s ongoing and you can join anytime.

Join the Color Delights Club to automatically receive Color Delights as they are released. There are two options - you can elect to get just New Titles Only (1 per quarter) or get one kit per month (Colors Previously released will be sent in the months there are not a new Color. Members of the Club receive a complete kit (pattern, canvas, and threads) for $28 plus S&H. This is a savings of $4-6 per kit. This is a great way to try new stitches, get a fun pattern which can be used in a multitude of ways, and collect a fantastic assortment of different threads.

Hope you’re having a stitchy Summer – it’s hot and rainy and steamy here in northwest Florida!

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