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Summer News

Sent: May 5, 2014

Hi Stitchers!


First I have to say my house and I are fine and had no damage as a result of living through the rainstorm of the century earlier this week. The official rainfall total of the "event" over two days was 26.81 inches. The average for the month of April is about 4 inches! It was like a hurricane without the wind. It's hard to say whether wind or water does more damage - it depends on where you are during the particular storm. There is a lot of damage in certain areas and over 45 roads are closed. A detour in almost every route I take will inevitably involve detours for months to come. After what I went through with Hurricane Ivan in 2004, I feel extremely grateful to only be affected by closed roads. I'm not hoping for another week of making national news three days in a row again anytime soon!


It has been a long time since I communicated by sending out e-news. I post somewhat regularly on my blog and you can get to it anytime by clicking  on the link in the menu on the website. I've also been putting more quick sneak peeks and news on my Facebook page. You can find me by searching friends for "Kathy Rees" and then send me a Friend Request to not miss a thing!


I'll be releasing a couple of designs May 21st - you can see all the info here. "Colorwaves" is the most fun piece I've ever designed. I actually miss working on it since I finished it! The sneak peeks have made a big splash and I can't wait for it to be out there!



I also have a new Color Delights - this one's Coral and I used some fun threads from Rainbow Gallery - Petite Very Velvet and Petite Sparkle Rays along with some others. It's a quick fun project. I like using a variety of threads in the Color Delights series. Since they're small projects, it's a great way to try different threads to see what I like and don't like! Sometimes those hard to love threads need to be used in small quantities to make a design pop. 



Summer travel plans include a trip to see my niece graduate from kindergarten later this month - I can hardly believe she's already 6! I'll also be traveling to Baton Rouge next month to teach at the EGA South Central Region Seminar - that'll be a blast! July brings my annual Fourth of July trek to the (hopefully!) cooler mountains of North Carolina for a visit with family. August will bring several weeks of travel - I'll be exhibiting at the "fall" tradeshow in St Charles, MO and then going to my first ANG Seminar in Chicago! I'm planning to drive up so I'll have a few days between the two events and am planning to visit a few shops and friends while I'm there and also along the way. I'm not normally a fan of traveling by car, but I'm actually looking forward to this road trip!


I'm working on new designs (always!) for release in August and also for teaching. My current in hand project is a new "logs" design. Since I've done all the seasons, I'll let you ponder what the design might be based on! I've got a new large mystery type design drawn out and can't wait to pick threads and get started on it. I'm looking forward to going to the Needle Bug in Montgomery in a couple of weeks to enhance my thread selection...


I've just completed a project that will be offered as a class through Shining Needle Society - it's called Soduko Delight and as soon as I get the colorways done, registration will start. If you're not a member of Shining Needle, you can join for free by sending an email to kategaunt@me.com or kategaunt@aol.com and she'll get you set up. Here's my finished piece - you're seeing it here in its entirety first! It will only be available as a class - the pattern will not be for sale before 2016.


Although I know it's not summer yet, we're up in the 80s here in Florida (finally!) so it's feeling like summer to me!


Until next time -


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