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New Releases and New Mailing List

Sent: March 8, 2017

Hi -


I'm going to be changing the way I send out newsletters soon as my current method is becoming somewhat obsolete. I will have to rebuild my mailing list. If you would like to remain on my mailing list for Needle Delights Originals designs and news, you must send a reply to me with your name and email address. 


I have just returned form the Nashville market and have a number of new titles - you can see them all in the catalog at www.needledelights.com/index.php/store/browse/10.html



Spring Meadow - Pattern $15, Complete Kit $79


Color Delights - Lime, Pattern $10, Complete Kit $32


Last year I started a series of 4 Elements and released Earth and Water. Air & Fire are now available and here are photos of all four.


Earth - Pattern $15, Complete Kit $58


Water - Pattern $58, Complete Kit $58


Air - Pattern, $58, Complete Kit $60


Fire - Pattern $15, Complete Kit $62


 This is all four framed together, courtesy of Tomorrow's Heirlooms.


Last year I taught an online Mystery class called Curios. I was inspired by the different sections of a Curiousity Cabinet and filled the sections with different stitches and stitch combinations. There are a total of seven colorways and his is my original based on the Mountain Haze Watercolour.


Curios - Pattern $45, Complete Kit $185


Prickly Pear Colorway 


Turquoise Trail Colorway


Kelsch Colorway


Rose Quartz Colorway


Tahiti Colorway


Rainforest Colorway



Until next time - Happy Stitching!


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