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Open House Winner

Sent: August 30, 2005

Congratulations to Sharon Long, the winner of the Open House Grand Prize. She wins a K's Metal Floorframe Stand from K's Creations! We will draw the rest of the doorprizes tomorrow and will be notifying the winners.

Hurricane Katrina put a damper on our Open House but we were very fortunate to not suffer a direct hit. I am deeply sympathetic to our neighbors to the west of us - even after what we went through with Ivan last year, I cannot imagine what the people in Mississippi and New Orleans are going through with all the flood water.

We are open and still have some of our displays up from the Open House. Come and see us when you have a chance. If you need something and can't get in, give us a call or email us - we'll be happy to put it in the mail to you.


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