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Doorprize Winners

Sent: August 31, 2005

Here is the list of doorprize winners! Please check to see if your name is listed and if it is, email me back and let me know so that I don't have to call you! You may pick up your doorprize at any time, or if you live a distance, let me know and I will mail it to you!

The list is in alphabetical order by first name!


Ann Gauldin
Anna Frances Slade
Benigne Dohms
Betty Park
Bettye Corcoran
Carole McCown
Cindy Daniels
C.M. Kibert
Connie King
Dawn Johnson
Debbie Douma
Donna Burkemo
Doris Walmer
Jane Moseley
Lisa Epstein
Lisa Patterson
Laura Hale
Mary Ellen Larson
Mona Guess
Nancy Pearson
Natalie Toth
Norma Ellis
Pam Lassiter
Sherri Rigby
Tina Hooks
Vida Green
Wendy Suess

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