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Stitching for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Sent: September 8, 2005

Hi Stitchers -

Like many of you, I have been feeling desperately helpless watching all the devastation on TV the last ten days. Watching this makes my memories of all I went through after Hurricane Ivan last year seem like a walk in the park (and it definitely wasn't!). I have been praying a lot and wondering, "what can I do to help?". Today I believe I may have discovered a small way that I can provide some relief to some of the victims. I have received several free charts from designers to be used for whatever purposes. One of them is from M Designs and is called "Pray Tree Ornament" - it is like their other tree ornaments where the word Pray is done in mirror image and forms a Christmas tree. It can be done on any size fabric with any color floss you choose. I would like to have people stitch these tree ornaments and send them to us here at Needle Delights. We will then disburse them to the various communities and/or victims that have been affected. It will be a tangible "prayer" that I would imagine would bring great comfort to someone. It will also be a way for you to pray for the victims while you are stitching the ornament. If you can finish it into an ornament, great. If you only stitch it and send us the completed stitching, we will make it into the ornament. To get the pattern, you can download it at
(you have to join their yahoo group) or you can get a copy of it here at the shop. You can also send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will mail it to you.

I know there are many different people who receive our emails - if you belong to a stitching group, a stitching online bulletin board, EGA Guild, ANG, etc, please pass this message on and let's see how many prayers we can stitch! I know you are a powerful group. If you have any questions, please contact me at kathy@needledelights and put Katrina in subject.


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