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Photos Now on Website!

Sent: September 15, 2005

Hi Stitchers!

It's another exciting day at Needle Delights. I have learned how to put photos on our website! Now I will be able to really "show" you pictures of new things, classes, monthly clubs, and more. I've put up a few things for you to see already. There are a couple of quick beachy patterns that I designed myself. They were introduced at our Open House. There are also photos of the Monthly Clubs that debuted at the Open House. There is Snapperville from Bent Creek and our Stitcher's Surprise Series from Rainbow Gallery/Erica Michaels. You are welcome to sign up for them anytime now.

I'll be sending out another email later today with the newsletter that we just mailed out. You will be able to print it out if you have adobe acrobat.

Here's a link to the photos:
You can also access them through our website through the "photos" link in the left column of the homepage.

Don't forget the All Night Stitch this Saturday - it starts at 4pm!


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