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Hurricane Relief News

Sent: September 23, 2005

Hi Stitchers!

Just wanted to give you an update on our Pray Tree Project - I know many of you are stitching the prayer trees (it is easier if you enlarge the chart!). I just have to add beads to mine and it will be done. the first completely stitched piece was turned in today and it is lovely. If you haven't heard about this project, you can read about it on the home page of our website.

We have another way that you can help us raise monies for the hurricane victims. Bridget from bc creations sent us a batch of 1 inch stitcher's magnets that we are selling. The profits will be donated to the Red Cross. I will be adding photos to the website after I finish this email - you can view them in the photo gallery under Stitcher's Magnets. They are $12.00 and if you want one, just send me an email. First come, first serve. These are all that we have left.

I had an email from my shopowner friend in New Orleans today and she sent this message, "One of the things that I know these stitchless stitchers will need is totes and project bags. If anyone has a spare one that they don't use, that would most definitely be a welcome gift." I don't know about you but I certainly have lots of canvas bags/totes in my closet that I rarely use - I will be digging them out this weekend. If you want to bring any in, we will add them to our growing stash for the homeless stitchers. Unfortunately, Rita may be adding to the number soon.

We are lucky here in Pensacola to not be in the path of the storm and we're keeping our neighbors to the west in our prayers. If you are in TX, LA, or MS please let me know when you can that you are safe. I feel like you are part of my family and I worry about you so much. After Katrina, the emails that I was the happiest to get were the emails from customers in Biloxi & New Orleans letting me know their status. Anything that I can do or send to you I will.


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