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Online Needlework Show & misc info

Sent: October 14, 2005

Hi Stitchers!

Hope you've had a chance to view some of the vendor's wares at the online show. I'm about two thirds of the way through looking at each designer's page and will be placing some orders Monday afternoon before the show closes. If you'd like to order something, please let me know by 2pm on Monday, Oct 17th. So far, I know I will be ordering from the following:
A Kitty Kats Original (cute cats - love Max on Vacation; check out Chickadee Christmas & Rocky Shores)

A Whimsical Element - cute flip flop shape patterns

Dames of the Needle - sampler type stuff

European Crosstitch Company - a variety of patterns; I especially love the French samplers

Friends in Needlework - a variety

M Designs (Our Pray Tree Designer!) - lots of cute cross stitch; I especially like the kits on the gingham fabric for Christmas and Halloween

My Mark - a new cross stitch designer with some unusual fun designs

Sweetheart Tree - By the Sea Sampler & Fob kits, Knob Knockers kits for Thanksgiving and Christmas

I've put a couple more trees on the website - one is lavender and the other white on dirty (that's the name of the color of the fabric, not the condition of it!). I'll be sending a lot of the trees out of the shop to be finished on Monday so if you want to see them in person, come in today or tomorrow!

I forgot to tell you before that we have Monica Ferris's new paperback Crewel Yule.

Come see us soon or send us an order from the show!

If I don't send another email before the weekend, be sure to pick up your needle at some point!

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