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November Dazor Special

Sent: October 19, 2005

November Dazor Special

November is your chance to Save Big On Dazor Magnification Lamps! Dazor has the best quality magnifier on the market and includes a daylight bulb. You can use it in complete darkness and have light like you're sitting outside in the middle of a sunny afternoon. The magnifier is crisp and clear and will allow you to see more than you've ever seen before!

For the month of November only, all Dazor® lamps will receive a 20% discounts from Dazor’s® regular price. This is a limited time offer and is only available in the month of November.

Example of savings:

The most popular lamp, the 8MC-300 (floor lamp) with a roller stand, retails for $363.00. Your price will be $290.40. The 8MC-300 with the pedestal base is regularly $341.00 and the sale price will be $272.80. As you can see, this is a significant discount from the everyday price. We do have a lamp in the shop if you'd like to come in and have a look at it.

**We will be taking pre-orders for the November special, so call now or email us to be sure that we have the model you want the first week of November! Dazor® magnification lamps make great Christmas gifts! If you're wanting to be the recipient of a lamp, let us know which model and color you would like, then forward this email to your loved one and have them contact us!

If you live too far away from the shop to pick up a lamp, we can have it drop-shipped to you at no extra charge. If you have any questions regarding the magnification lamps or the special offer, please feel free to call us at 888-633-3530 or email us at info@needledelights.com.


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