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Attention Lizzie Kate Fans

Sent: November 8, 2005

I just received an email from Lizzie Kate and want to share it with you. Last week we received the final Flip-It Stamp for December. Now you may be wondering whether there will be another Flip-It series next year? Here's a sneak peek on the 2006 L*K Flip-Its:

"Everyone is asking about 2006 Flip-Its, and YES.there will be a new set of Flip-Its for 2006! We are excited to continue this design series.

The 2006 Flip-Its will be a collection of 12 Christmas ornaments, aptly called the L*K Christmas Club. These little darlings are super quick-to-stitch and each come with their own antique gold charm. The little charts will include finishing instructions with an easy NO-SEW finishing technique that is super cute! The back of each Flip-It will include a group photo (sneak peek!) of the entire series to keep your
customers inspired to finish the entire collection.

We are still working out the details, but we are planning to have a very special exclusive product available to display your L*K Christmas Club ornaments just like the picture on the back of the Flip-Its. Stay tuned for more details soon!

We will begin shipping the 2006 Christmas Club Flip-Its sometime during December 2005."

That's all I know for now! If you want to sign up for the L*K Christmas Club for 2006, email me and let me know - the first pattern will arrive next month and I'm excited to see the back of it (to see all the ornaments!). I'm also eagerly anticipating a NO SEW finishing method! We can mail the patterns to you or you can pick them up here at the shop. We'll also be able to kit them for you if needed.

Hope you're busy with needle in hand...speaking of Christmas ornaments, I'm busy designing my own set for next year's Needlepoint Ornament Club! They are diamond shaped and that's my hint! If you want a true sneak peek, stop by the shop!


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