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"Double Delights" is a series of color studies, focusing on color combinations. Typically, a “Double Delights” design features two colors and lists an alternate colorway. The first colorway will consist of the threads chosen for the specific design (shown below). The second colorway will be made up of threads used in previously released Color Delights designs. The size of the Doubles designs will be 4x4, the same as the Color Delights designs. This will make it easy to combine the various patterns into larger designs. Here are the designs that have been released so far.
Download a free border chart Here to stitch all of the Double Delights on one piece of canvas. Here's a photo of the large piece in progress. The color isn't great because the photo was taken in a hotel room with poor lighting...The canvas looks pinkish because of the quilt behind the piece.
DD12 Chaqua (Chocolate and Aqua)
DD11 Borleaux (Burgundy and Olive)
DD10 Peach Forest (Hunter Green and Peach)
DD9 Plumberry (Plum & Berry)
DD8 Charbleu (Chartreuse and Blue)
DD7 Plinkime (Pink & Lime)
DD6 Tangello (Tangerine & Yellow)
DD5 Grenold (Green & Gold)

DD4 Surf & Sand (Taupe & Robin's Egg Blue)
DD3 Nolive (Navy & Olive) 

DD2 Wine & Pine (Burgundy and Hunter Green)
DD1 Turple
 Here's the beginning of Delightful Combinations - download a free border chart Here

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