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"Color Delights" is a series of designs that are studies in color and texture. All designs have a stitch count of 72x72 making the design size 4x4. They are stitched on 18ct and use a variety of threads. They're great to combine into larger pieces as well.
Three or four designs are released each year and are available automatically. 
Join the Color Delights Club to automatically receive Color Delights as they are released. There are two options - you can elect to get just New Titles Only (1 per quarter) or get one kit per month (Colors Previously released will be sent in the months there are not a new Color. Members of the Club receive a complete kit (pattern, canvas, and threads) for $30 plus S&H. This is a savings of $4-6 per kit. This is a great way to try new stitches, get a fun pattern which can be used in a multitude of ways, and collect a fantastic assortment of different threads.
If you wish to sign up, send an email for more info.
This is a list of the order they were released. Click here to see photos.
CD1 Aqua
CD2 Violet
CD3 Fire
CD4 Cobalt
CD5 Scarlet
CD6 Graphite
CD7 Magenta
CD8 Sunshine
CD9 Purple
CD10 Turquoise
CD11 Shamrock
CD12 Copper
CD13 Bubblegum
CD14 Indigo
CD15 Tangerine
CD16 Cocoa
CD17 Pumpkin
CD18 Fuschia
CD19 Rust
CD20 Ice
CD21 Rose
CD22 Camouflage
CD23 Wisteria
CD24 Aquamarine
CD25 Chartreuse
CD26 Teal
CD27 Plum
CD28 Silver
CD29 Midnight
CD30 Lavender
CD31 Peppermint
CD32 Ivory
 CD33 Periwinkle
CD34 Olive
CD35 Mint
CD36 Lemon
CD37 Coral
CD38 Orchid

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